» Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — Roald Dahl.

Monday, April 9, 2012
3:50 PM

Little Charlie Bucket is lucky enough to find a golden ticket which gives him and one of his grandfathers a chance to visit the famous chocolate factory owned by Mr. Willy Wonka. By the author who also wrote James and the Giant Peach, it only proves that Roald Dahl has a major food fetish. Well, all right then.

The whole story is quite entertaining. We follow Charlie as he and the four other lucky ticket finders are given a tour around the factory by Mr. Wonka himself, along with their guardians. ( Every child apparently brought both of their parents while Charlie only brought his grandpa. )

I like the fact that the novel has the underlying lesson of not being selfish, spoiled, and a brat. However some moments are just plain bizzare. For example, the songs the little Oompa-Loompas sing once in a while are a little absurd to me. Yet nevertheless, it adds to the novel. So that is okay.

rating: ★★★★☆


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