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Friday, April 13, 2012
5:30 PM

Oh dear, the writing style of this novel. It made me want to strangle the main character most of the time. She sounded so irritating and annoying that I had to put the book down once in a while and sit in my chair ripping up school worksheets from two years ago to calm down. I honestly cannot remember reading a novel where I disliked the writing style this much.

All right, now that this is out of my system.

We have our lovely protagonist, Zoey Redbird, get marked and she is now a vampyre-in-training. Yet she is blessed by the night Goddess, Nyx, and now she is different from everyone else. She is special. There are great things ahead of her, some of which may include a high position in the school, named The House of Night.

I always feel bad whenever my friends love a novel and I end up disliking it. So I seriously tried to enjoy this one. And yet, no such luck. I have a vague feeling that the Casts attempted too hard to sound like a teenager. The result is a main character that sounds really cliche at times, and whose opinions come off as just offensive. The People of Faith comments can be taken as an offense to Christianity. The eating disorder comment leads to believing that a young lady with a life-threatening eating disorder is a freak. Things like that.

I do like the new and quite refreshing plot of having vampyres a sort of mutation, where not everyone makes the Change and they need to go to a special school in order to survive. It is a very interesting concept, and I do wish that this series will get better just for that. I do not even mind the cliche romance stuck in the middle, just the concept itself is something I would continue reading for, and keep tolerating Zoe until she dies at some point. ( Or at least I am hoping. )

rating: ★★☆☆☆


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