» School's Out - Forever — James Patterson.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
2:51 PM

Here we have the second novel in the Maximum Ride series. Max and her flock are found by an FBI agent and start to live with her because apparently it is totally okay to trust complete strangers in their situation. They are also going to a completely normal school, talk to completely normal children, and of course that does not last for long.

Some time passed in between me reading the book and writing the review, but I can surely say that this book was better than the first. This actually deserves 3.5 stars instead of just three. The writing style seemed to mature a little, if you know what I mean, to the point that it was much more enjoyable to read.

Max proved herself as a strong character, someone capable of making decisions and supporting children younger than her when she is not even an adult yet. Still, she has her flaws and weak moments, and that makes me like her. She is not the damsel in distress type of character most YA authors nowadays make their heroines. No one had to save Max, she saved herself.

There is more information about what Max is supposed to save the world from. However, there are still questions unanswered, such as Jeb's odd talks of the whole thing being a test. Also Max's parents are nowhere to be found, not even the slightest hint. Is she a test tube baby? I kind of hope so, I want to see how Max would react to that.

Yet this book does not reach the four stars. It is not a masterpiece, and not something I would pick up again and again just because I liked it so much. It was enjoyable, but it is just another book. Plus, the writing is still slightly childish.



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