» Lord of the Flies — William Golding.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
4:22 PM

Another book I took from my reading list and actually finished. I feel so damn accomplished, good Jesus.

The novel accurately covers the brutality of humans when it comes to it, making completely regular, everyday people turning into savages with no basic rules or morals. I applaud Mr. Golding's choice on using children for his novel instead of adults. The fact that such young lives are subjected to the events in the novel makes it stand out even more.

A group of boys is stranded on an island after a plane crashes, and they become trapped there without any grown-ups. At first it seems as though everything will work out. They choose a chief, they set a list of goals to accomplish, and distribute tasks to different people. They also make up a few rules to keep everyone in check. Soon, however, it proves to be of no use as fear and anger takes control and brings out the darker side in the boys.

Some of the descriptions of scenery were long and seemed like a chore to read. However, when it came down to suspense and anticipation, the writer did a fantastic job. The detail, especially the descriptions of children's deaths, were minimalistic, yet still gave an unsettling mental image so you can wrap your mind around it.

Fantastic. I would definitely recommend this.

rating: ★★★★☆ 


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