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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
4:23 PM

Man, this series was my childhood in a nutshell. My obsession with this series would border ridiculous at some points in time. My happiness was overwhelming when I saw a novel of this series at Barnes&Noble, it being the first novel in English I actually read. Those were the days . . .

Now, this is the last novel in the fourth series The Omen of the Stars. It is the grande finale, where the Dark Forest rises to its full power and the true battle begins. Where warriors' loyalties are constantly tested and sides must be chosen. Clanmates might have to fight among each other in the final battle to survive.

I truly enjoyed this conclusion to the series. It was powerful and left a lasting impression on me. Most of the time I truly despise how series end, and how authors do not seem to know how to wrap up their final novel. The Erins, on the other hand, are above that. They make use of this opportunity to create a truly memorable ending.

The Final Battle between the Clans and the Dark Forest is as exciting as I believe it is meant to be. You feel the characters' fear, pain, shock, even the adrenaline as they fight for their lives. Just like Harry Potter, the Warriors series became darker and darker as it went along, and it ended up adding charm to the final novel.

I believe the Erins did a splendid job with this one. I was truly wary of picking it up, because conclusions to series, as I mentioned, are usually disappointing. Here, the authors built up a truly powerful conclusion that keeps the reader guessing whether it will continue or not.

rating: ★★★★★


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